2021 Join the Fight for Equality

Community Centers and YMCAs do not pay property taxes in Kansas. They also do not collect sales tax on their membership dues. The Centers and Ys sell memberships and have fitness classes. The YMCAs offer personal training. These are major competitors to tax paying Health Clubs in Kansas. They operate as Health Clubs, but are treated differently than for-profit, tax-paying, Health Clubs.

While, the issue of the YMCAs is bad, the Community Centers is even worse for the Health Club industry. Community Centers are publicly financed. This means not only are they taking members from tax paying Clubs, those Clubs are paying for the construction of these Centers. Community Centers often operate at a loss, so the Clubs must also subsidize those losses through their taxes.

The Kansas Health and Fitness Association has been making this information public for the past several years. KHFA has also worked to stop tax funding of new Centers. We have been successful in some cities. However, the explosion of multimillion-dollar Community Centers in Kansas is calling for a new effort. We cannot win every fight against these new Centers. Therefore, KHFA will be bringing this issue before the Kansas Legislature in 2021. It is time that the Health Club industry speaks up to be treated the same as our competitors.

The Health Club industry is the front line of defense against diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Growth in this industry can only benefit the public. The recent Covid-19 battle highlights this fact. Over 80% of the fatal cases of Covid-19 were related to diabetes, hypertension, or obesity. The State should be doing everything it can to assist the Health Club industry in carrying out its mission.

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Greg Ferris